Katy and I have been cooking together for over a year. Food with Time is the recipe blogumentation of our seasonal, vegcentric culinary antics. We go to town over the simplest of eating occasions, and visit our local farmer’s market every Sunday, ritualistically. Katy works in pet food, I work in human food. Here’s a little more about each of us.

Katy and I, having pint of Doom Bar on the slipway in Port Issac - holiday heaven.

Katy and I, having pint of Doom Bar on the slipway in Port Issac - holiday heaven.

Katy’s the leggy blonde with all the ideas. She’s fiercely knowledgable on many global cuisines particularly Thai and Mexican, and is responsible for the wide variety of flavours and influences you’ll see here in our recipes. She identifies as a reformed carnivore (both National Burger Day and Orange Buffalo have recently taken quite the hit), who now enjoys nothing mare than marinading, roasting, salting, smoking, or charring seasonal vegetables like there’s no tomorrow. She’s been known to ‘ash-roast’ leeks in a fire pit for a ‘Four Allium Salad’, but I digress. Her father’s influence meant strong Middle Eastern flavours define her childhood food memories - rich tahini humus, herby tabouleh, & BBQ’q cumin lamb. That, and her maternal grandmothers’ Cornish pride, dab-handed pastry, and appreciation for clotted cream on top of clotted cream ice cream.

I’m the food nerd. I’m highly commended from the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, and obtained my Culinary Arts from Westminster Kingsway College. I’ve worked in restaurants, private homes, and food start-ups for over 10 years. In 2015 I had a blast on Masterchef the Professionals, made it to the final twelve, and leapt into the London pop-up scene with my supper club Hare on the Hill. I now work as Senior Development Chef for allpants. My main food influence is my mother, a wonderful home cook who nails her flavours like no one else. As family we ate humbly and always in tune with the seasons - namely, whichever fibrous, overgrown green Dad was pulling up from the garden, boiled up with beans.

We love nothing more than cooking for each other, cooking for friends and family, and cooking for the ‘gram. We share all our recipes here, as well as on my instagram page - @joeyscooking - with the hashtag #joeyandkatycook. Please peruse, enjoy, and let us know how you get on!

Happy cooking, and even happier eating,

Katy, Joey & Roo (the cavapoo) xx