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Joey is highly commended from the Ballymaloe Cookery School, in Ireland, and has an FdSc in Culinary Arts from Westminster Kingsway College. She has worked as a chef for ten years, both in restaurants and private homes in the UK and abroad. In 2015 she had a blast on Masterchef the Professionals, making it to the final twelve.

In March 2016 Joey launched Hare on the Hill, a vegcentric supper club that puts the thinking behind Food with Time into practice and was shortlisted for a YBF Award for her work with vegetables. She now works as a recipe writer for various organic food brands and for Great British Chefs, and as an ambassador for Daylesford Organic, to coordinate and host monthly panel evenings that focus on food, farming and sustainability.



Food with Time



Food with Time is Seasonal & Vegcentric

Food in it’s own time. Fresh fruits and vegetables eaten in their prime are at their most flavoursome: their texture, colour and taste are as nature intended. Giving precedence to delicious seasonal bounty within our diet naturally begets a vegcentric way of eating, which is a truly sustainable diet, benefitting both the environment and the individual.

Food with Time is Fermentation

The astounding complexity of flavour of fermented foods is absolutely integral to good vegcentric cooking; that savoury tang provides the intrigue and excitement on the palate, which vegcentric food (and vegan in particular) can often cry out for. This ancient practice of preserving seasonal bounty (or making delicious use of a glut from the farmers’ market!) enhances and elevates the flavour profile of any dish, and even boosts its nutritional value.

& Food with Time is thinking ‘Beyond the Plate’

Food with Time believes that good cooking begins well before we pull our ingredients from the fridge... How we eat is as important as what we eat. Engaging with ideas of sustainable farming is key, as is mindful procurement and shopping locally. Consideration for the environment is bound to the notion of delicious, healthy food. What happens #BeyondThePlate is as relevant as what’s on it.


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