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Seasonal, cultured, vegcentric recipes by Joey O'hare! Food with Time makes fermenting at home so easy, taking vegetarian and vegan food to the next level. #vegcentric #foodwithtime #fermentingforflavour

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Dill Pickles

Dill pickles are what many of use will know of as gherkins, those crunchy sliced rounds so good in sandwiches..! Unlike those you can buy in shops, which are preserved in super astringent vinegar (and often much sugar), these have a naturally complex tang. This intriguing and palatable tang is the lactic acid bacteria that builds up during the process of fermentation.

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Fermented Salsa

Now I agree a fresh tomato salsa is absolutely delicious! Summer perfection! So why bother to ferment one..? I’ve made this ferment twice. The first occasion was late last summer, when buckets of firm green tomatoes at the market were being sold for next-to-nothing as it was too late in the season from them to ripen fully.

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Spicy Fermented Beetroot

Fermented beetroot is great – it’s delicious, nutritionally brilliant, and super convenient - the concept of Food with Time recipes in a nutshell! You have the crunch and sweetness of raw beetroot and yet it’s much easier to digest… you have the tang of pickled beetroot although it’s much less astringent and alive with probiotic goodness…

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