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Joey O'Hare x Kino Vino @ Our London

Joey O’Hare and Alissa Timoshkina: Preserved @ the Our/London Vodka Distillery

Join us for a 4 course vegcentric supper club celebrating the bounty of the summer. Alissa and I will prepare a feast of seasonal salads, bold flavours and cultured foods whilst Our/London Vodka will be expertly pairing the dinner with cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) using fermented and preserved ingredients. Full menu below.

Can't WAIT for this one.



white gazpacho, cucumber & kefir

with cultured butter, charred onions & radish

and wholemeal sourdough

charred carrots, roasted garlic hummus, carrot top green sauce & kasha

with buckwheat tabouleh, salted cucumber & soft herbs

and fermented red slaw

tea or coffee (v)

hare on the hill cheesecake: matcha & lime, or coffee & cream


jelly, ice cream & shortbread