Lay the Table

On Monday I had the pleasure of hosting a panel evening with three leading ladies in the London pop-up events scene: photographer, curator and founder of Rye London, Holly Wulff; founder of Kino Vino, Alissa Timoshkina; and author and supper-club cook Meera Manek.

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Cooking from a Kitchen Garden

Over the Winter Jeff, the gardener, and I liaised over which plants to grow, in what configurations, and when best to plant them. Long story short, the most wondrous glut of baby carrots, candy-striped beetroot, tomatoes and runner beans is imminent, a week after our last guests have left (!)

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Daylesford Organic Summer Festival

Daylesford Organic’s Summer Festival was a celebration of many things, but perhaps first and foremost a lesson in how to respect, appreciate and enjoy our countryside and all that it has to offer.

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in three events throughout the day. The first was our latest installment of Daylesford Discusses, and on this occasion our topic was bees – their importance and plight, what’s being done, and what we can each do.

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